Wild Gathering Voyage is the tour company located in Arusha Tanzania dealing with Wildlife Safaris, Cultural Tours, Beach Holiday and Mountain Trekking in Africa.

The company established by the team of passionate local travel expertise who aiming at bringing the latest and true sense of Africa Exposure, Experiences and Excitement to travelers without so much hustling.

Over the years now the team has gathered enough experience through collages and practice in designing and conduct variety of tours to different type of clients depends on their interest, time schedule and budget. To us every one has the right to get an African experiences.

We have changed lives of so many through travelling, coaching and publication of Africa stories. We are committed to make every holiday an adventure by creating a relaxed, educational, enjoyable and comfortable holiday. We ought to continue to improve our craft, and we believe nothing is more important to us than to fulfill our clients’ dream of a once-in-a-lifetime African safari.

By our team members being born at the point of attractions including, the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Crater andZanzibar, we assure you that you are in the right hands for your safari in Africa.

We are aware that tourism industry has its ethics and we always work tirelessly to adhere them including being faithful to clients. Weselectcarefully our team based on their professionalism, ethics and more important their passion and talents.

Years of operation honed our expertise in providing tours to different parts of Africa especially in Tanzania. With our passion and our sincere desire to offer highly-satisfying tours, we remained competitive in the industry.

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  • We are 100% locally owned and based in Tanzania.

  • We provide 24/7 customer service support. When you contact us it is our obligation to make your safari possible.
  • We have successfully provided a wide variety of major safari tours including honeymoon, anniversary and vacations in wildlife, culture, historical and beach in Tanzania.
  • We are loyal – we will inform you at our level of understanding and experience.
  • We do value your money and time.
  • We are flexible andour focus is not just collecting money but to go beyond your expectations.
  • We are well organized. Safari is our job hence we pay attention to every client who contact us.


We do owns a customized Safari Land Cruisers with a pop- up roof and sliding big windows for game viewing and sight-seeing. Most of our vehicles are 7 seater. The vehicles are well maintained and are in good condition for comfort and safety safari. They are all equipped with HF long range radio for easy communication. We regularly check and maintains our vehicles by professional mechanics, wash and sanitize them before departures. All passengers are allotted a window seat and have enough space to move around comfortably. This is crucial for a comfortable and relaxed game viewing. Our Vehicles also has the following features:-

  • FIRST AID KIT: Every safari vehicle is equipped with a first aid kit. Our guides are trained to use this in case of emergencies.
  • WILD LIFE BOOKS AND MAPS: You will find a set of books and guides about mammals and birds. There are maps of the area as well.
  • POP UP ROOF: The roof can be removed so that you can stand-up and have a better vantage for viewing wildlife.
  • POWER INVERTERS: All our vehicles have 110v and 220v power adapters to make it possible to charge camera batteries.
  • COOLER BOX: All our vehicles have a small fridge to keep beverages cold. This is not to be taken for granted especially after a long day out in the savannah.
  • COFFEE BOX: We have a coffee box with snacks, coffee and tea that can be enjoyed at any time on a game drive.
  • EXTENDED & WIDER: We extended and widened the body of the vehicles to allow more space to move around and to get the best photographic angles without “bumping” into each other. Although our vehicles are designed to carry more passengers, we only put 6 guests in one vehicle.
  • LARGER WINDOWS: We made all the windows in the vehicle as large as possible so guests can have a better viewing experience.
  • SPARE TIRES AND HEAVY-DUTY JACK: We carry two spare tires and a heavy-duty jack. Having two spares is better than having one due to poor roads in some areas, and presence of acacia thorns among others.


Professional, experienced and fluently speaking guide are the kind of the guides we do have. Apart from their knowledge we normally provide carrier development training to keep our guides up to date. Our guides speaks foreign language including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian

With their help, our clients will learn about African wildlife as well as acquiring first-hand experience of African hospitality.

ACCOMODATION: Accommodation options range from 3 to 5 star lodges depending on your budget and preferences. In the same way, we can offer camping options from the most basic and adventurous to luxury tented camps.